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Mon Hommage (My Tribute)
If you’ve been in the shop, then you’ve seen the above painted sign prominently displayed over the front counter.

It is my tribute to my Mother who suggested I take French classes when everyone else took Spanish and who convinced me, when I was in high school, to embark on my first study trip/adventure to Paris. She believed whole-heartedly that the exposure to this city’s design, fashion and culture would set my course for life.

She was right, naturellement!

She encouraged me to become immersed in all things French at a very young age, called me by my name in French (“Laurette”) from 7th grade on, and the fact that she somehow knew what a profound impact those trips to Paris would have on me, speaks volumes.

She was so wise, so way ahead of her time, and was immensely gifted herself in the arts, fashion, entertaining and design.

To take the path that she laid out for me was my destiny and to follow in her talented footsteps is my great honor.

She will always be my greatest influence and she left behind a legacy of boundless love, generosity, style and an amazing, awe-inspiring joie de vivre.

I miss her every day.